Most of my photography work is capturing live action, whether it be a wide receiver catching a pass in stadium full of thousands of fans or a little boy up to bat for his first game ever.  Live action also includes family moments at a park or playground.  Or maybe fido running around in the backyard playing with his favorite toy.  I prefer unscripted moments, capturing photos in a journalistic style.

Can I also do corporate photography?  Yes, absolutely.  Whether your need is a “grip & grin”, a headshot or a publicity photo I can handle that as well.

Or maybe you represent a school that needs headshots of an athletic team for the yearbook, game programs, or a media guide.  I have tons of experience do that too.



No two projects are the same, so I don’t like “one size fits all” pricing.  I won’t post how much it cost to come out to your daughter’s soccer game to take photos because I haven’t spoken to you to know what you’re really interested in, how many photos you want, whether you want actual prints or  a CD, how far I would have to drive to the game, are there other parents that would want photos of their children too…  see my point?

So instead of posting a price that may be too high for what you want (or a price too low to cover my expenses), I prefer to talk with you to get some basic information and then I can tell you what the cost would be.  If you contact me, there’s no high pressure sale and there is no studio visit required.

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